Investing for better health

Goodgrower is an investor committed to healthcare.

We endorse strong and innovative management teams who share our passion for healthier lives and more efficient care.

We believe that putting people and patients first is key to success.

Goodgrower is the private investment vehicle dedicated to healthcare investments of the Gallardo Family Group.

For more information, visit the Gallardo Family Group website

We invest in public or private healthcare companies in Europe and the US.

Our dedicated team of investment professionals also offers sector expertise and operational support to the management teams we partner with.

Since 2007, we have backed the growth of numerous healthcare businesses across geographies.

Our approach

Goodgrower is an investor dedicated to the healthcare sector.

We invest solely in non-pharma, non-biotech companies across the healthcare value chain.

We adapt our investment structures to the individual needs of the companies we invest in.

We are flexible with regards to geographies, ownership levels, development stages and the size of our financial commitments.

We pick companies with a robust and sustainable standalone investment case. For each investment, we choose the investment horizon that will allow for maximal value creation and also have the option to become long-term investors.

With deep roots in the healthcare industry, we are well positioned to support management teams on their path to success, through adequate governance representation.

We are the majority shareholder in Vithas, a leading private hospital chain in Spain. There, our vision is to contribute to the long-term transformation and modernisation of private hospital services. As active investor, we have first-hand experience on the dynamics of a healthcare operator.

For more information, check the Vithas yearbook

Our team has extensive experience in healthcare, both as investors and operators.

Our wide and established network of advisors contribute additional expertise and know-how in building successful healthcare businesses.

We choose to support qualified and motivated management teams, with whom we partner during the lifetime of our investments.

We have an entrepreneurial and industrial mindset.

We prefer business models fuelled by innovation.

In order to support long-term growth, we select innovative solutions, which can demonstrate quantifiable improvements in the context of the regulatory, cost and digitalisation pressure of most healthcare systems worldwide.

The path to success is rarely straightforward but we believe that most roadblocks can be overcome with hard work, humility and honesty.

Aiming at excellence is a value we have at heart. We are looking for similar mindsets in the companies we decide to invest in.

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